Free mini youtube video player
Show your YoTube videos on your website

My TuVi 1.2 is a free mini flash YouTube video player for your website.

  • You can show your channel on Youtube or make your own playlist.
  • You can apply skin to mytuvi or just change the cover and text color.
  • You can change the title of MyTuVi.
  • You can add a link to your youTube channel, twitter or facebook account.

Who can use it?
Everyone with a website and has videos on or just wants to have fun.

System requirements:
My TuVi needs php supported server. It's a flash mini video player, uses JavaScript files for configuration and PHP script to save play list. If you see My TuVi on this page you will see it on your web page.

Please reffer to (how to install.txt) file. It's with the downloaded files, or click here

Feel free to download and share MyTuVi1.2 with your friends.

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